Social Media Marketing Consultation



A 1-to-1 Zoom Meeting Consultation which allows us to help optimise your social media profiles to help appear to your audience/potential audience more, appear in feeds more likely and encourage engagement. This includes the Social Media Guide for FREE.


Let’s help you out with Social Media

Creating a consistent social media presence is key in this current information revolution, every business needs a social media presence in some form or another. Our social media consultation is designed for you to receive a 1-to-1 zoom meeting with an expert to help share some of our knowledge on the subject to help you get your feet on the ground.

Beforehand, we will prepare and evaluate your current social media platforms in terms of the profiles, posts and strategy etc. and will offer you the advice you need in a tailor-made experience so that your consultation is specific and targeted around your business so you are not on the end of ‘generic’ strategy which you can just get at a basic level or a bit of Googling! We want you so get your very own and worthwhile ROI on our consultations so that your business can reach the next level and benefit from our expert knowledge of social media.

Each social media consultation will include as a minimum : 

  • Research into your current social media strategies (if applicable)
  • A 1-to-1 Zoom meeting with one of our social media experts
  • Our Social Media Guide for FREE (worth £9.99)
  • A written report showcasing our findings
  • A follow-up guide sent across showcasing our meeting notes and ‘next-steps’ advice for you to follow
  • Discount on any of our social media services Eg. Profile Set up or Social Media Posting

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